Collect and integrate data

Capture your own agency data and integrate other critical data sets.

Gain actionable insights

AI-driven solutions that uncover leads, connections and patterns to accelerate investigations.

Act with confidence

Receive real-time alerts and robust reports at the station or in the field.

A robust portfolio

Vetted Holdings is privately held and consists of companies dedicated to delivering innovative law enforcement technology to agencies of all sizes.

FINDER Software Solutions

Our public safety personnel are tasked with making our communities safer every day. FINDER brings data from disparate law enforcement systems into a single platform, allowing first responders to gain better insights and investigative action. Leveraging a federated information sharing environment, each department remains in control of its data while complying with established data sharing policies.

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Vetted Security Solutions

Vetted provides comprehensive solutions that enable public safety entities to prevent and solve crimes. As a single-source solutions provider Vetted can design, manufacture, install, and provide post-deployment support of industry-leading brands to municipalities and law enforcement agencies of any size. Our vast technology offering includes Fixed, Mobile, and Trailer ALPR systems; facial recognition; data and video analytics; surveillance solutions; and more.

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Millenium Products Inc.

Providing powerful solutions and proven results for worldwide clients. Exceptional customer service and high-quality  products continue to be the pillars upon which their success is built. Millenium also makes it exceptionally easy for agencies to procure their technology solutions, as they maintain three GSA and one TXMAS contracts.

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Offering Experience, Strategic Vision and Results

Vetted Holdings’ Board of Directors brings decades of experience from public and commercial sectors where they have developed and delivered some of the most innovative technology solutions.

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Barnett

Ryan Barnett, Vetted Security Solutions’ CEO and Founder, has built his career by focusing on technology and various tech-driven security platforms. Having fifteen years of tenure within the special operations community, Ryan oversees and participates in all aspects of business development, serving the private sector and government clientele of Vetted. His hands-on approach is essential in leading business development negotiations from initial proposals to program management, and post-installation, he continues managing the service and maintenance of accounts. Before founding VSS, Ryan earned his technical experience focusing on public safety as a sales engineer and national sales manager. He designed citywide surveillance, LPR, gunshot detection, and thermal camera systems. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for the management and service of over 60 agencies nationwide. Ryan is a highly-decorated US Army 3rd Ranger BN, having received multiple recognitions for meritorious service in combat zones for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

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Chief Revenue Officer

Neil Schlisserman

Neil Schlisserman is Vetted Holdings Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for all revenue-related activities across Vetted’s portfolio companies.

Mr. Schlisserman joined Vetted after his role as the Executive Vice President of Vigilant Solutions, where he was responsible for leading the company’s growth to become the country’s largest provider of License Plate Recognition content and technologies.  Motorola Solutions acquired Vigilant for $445M in 2019, after which Mr. Schlisserman was requested to lead Vigilant’s International growth in LATAM, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Prior to this, Mr. Schlisserman was a member of the global management team for Memex, a Scotland-based company that provided intelligence solutions for law enforcement.  Memex was acquired by the SAS Institute in 2010, where Mr. Schlisserman continued in the role of Vice President and General Manager for the Memex Solutions Team.

Mr. Schlisserman has also held a variety of leadership and executive roles at American Management Systems, Deloitte Consulting, and Sapient Corporation.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Tom Joyce

Tom Joyce brings a unique background expanding over two decades of experience in law enforcement. Combined with previous executive roles at LexisNexis and Motorola Solutions, his strategic expertise in product management and public safety is essential to the Vetted Holdings portfolio.

Tom Joyce is a retired NYPD Lieutenant of the Cold Case Squad and spent over twenty years in law enforcement with the New York City Transit Police and the New York Police Department (NYPD). After serving in law enforcement, Tom pivoted his career at LexisNexis where he held several executive positions in Product Management and Business Development. While at Vigilant Solutions, Tom was integral in helping facilitate the $445M acquisition by Motorola Solutions. Post-acquisition, he then held an executive position at Motorola Solutions spearheading the integration of the newly acquired offerings into its portfolio. In January 2021, Tom accepted the role of Chief Strategy Officer of Vetted Holdings, LLC.

Tom received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Empire State College and actively participates on the advisory board of the International Homicide Investigators Association. Tom is happily married with three children and resides in Virginia. 

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Chief Technology Officer

Kunal Motwani

Kunal Motwani has served in the FINDER Project since its 2002 inception when he was a software architect with the University of Central Florida (UCF). He currently assumes overall management responsibility for all aspects of the application development and its development staff. He ensures that his team follows best practices in process analysis, compliance, software design, development, and integration. Kunal has earned both a Master’s in Computer Science and MBA from the University of Central Florida. He collaborates with companies in the UCF business incubator and advises technology startups.

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Vetted Holdings LLC is a privately held organization and consists of companies dedicated to delivering innovative law enforcement technology. Our portfolio of brands is committed to empowering agencies through cutting-edge solutions.


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