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Vetted Holdings is privately held and consists of companies dedicated to delivering innovative law enforcement technology to agencies of all sizes.

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FINDER® Software Solutions LLC

FINDER® Software Solutions is an innovative technology company that specializes in providing dynamic software to law enforcement agencies and municipalities of all sizes. With a mission to empower collaboration, streamline operations, and enhance officer and public safety, FINDER Software Solutions offers a diverse range of products and services. With a team of skilled developers, designers, and project managers, FINDER Software Solutions combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of public safety officer needs to deliver officer-focused solutions.

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Vetted Security Solutions LLC

Vetted provides comprehensive solutions that enable public safety entities to prevent and solve crimes. As a single-source solutions provider, Vetted can design, manufacture, install, and provide post-deployment support of industry-leading brands to municipalities and law enforcement agencies of any size. Our vast technology offering includes fixed, mobile, and trailer ALPR systems; data and video analytics; surveillance solutions; and more.

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Millenium Products Inc

Providing powerful solutions and proven results for clients worldwide. Delivering exceptional customer service and high quality products are at the core of Millenium’s focus. Millenium also makes it exceptionally easy for agencies to procure hardware and software solutions through GSA and TXMAS contracts.

*Millenium Products Inc is a privately held company with a business relationship with Vetted Holdings LLC, but is not part of Vetted Holdings LLC.

Odin Risk Solutions LLC

Offering an all-inclusive solution to event security management, melding technology, and an elite response. ODIN’s owners are Navy Special Warfare veterans with a combined 30 years of experience in Special Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Operator experience. After immersing ourselves in the music festival security space, the need for a symbiotic relationship with law enforcement, tactical casualty care, and technology was evident.

*Odin Risk Solutions LLC is a privately held company with a business relationship with Vetted Holdings LLC, but is not part of Vetted Holdings LLC.

Black Flag Manufacturing

Black Flag Manufacturing employs state-of-the-art engineering and cutting-edge metal fabrication techniques to create tailored solutions that meet custom and mass application requirements. With a team of skilled engineers and fabricators, Black Flag Manufacturing is committed to using top-quality materials and modern technologies to craft exceptional metal products for a wide variety of applications.

SaferSpeeds LLC

With cutting-edge cameras and advanced technology at its core, SaferSpeeds’ School Zone Speed Enforcement solutions go beyond mere monitoring to actively discourage speeding and promote responsible driver behavior through automated speed enforcement measures. SaferSpeeds provides fixed systems carefully engineered for optimal performance in temporary and permanent school zone deployments.

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Vetted Holdings LLC is a privately held organization dedicated to delivering innovative public safety technology and consists of FINDER® Software Solutions, SaferSpeeds, Vetted Security Solutions, Odin Risk Solutions, and Black Flag Manufacturing.

*Millenium Products Inc and Odin Risk Solutions LLC are privately held companies and are not a part of Vetted Holdings LLC.

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