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Ryan Barnett | Vetted Holdings Team

Ryan Barnett

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Barnett, Vetted Security Solutions’ CEO and Founder, has built his career by focusing on technology and various tech-driven security platforms. Having fifteen years of tenure within the special operations community, Mr. Barnett oversees and participates in all aspects of business development, serving the private sector and government clientele of Vetted.

Mr. Barnett’s hands-on approach is essential in leading business development negotiations from initial proposals to program management, and post-installation, he continues managing the service and maintenance of accounts.

Before founding Vetted Security Solutions, Mr. Barnett earned his technical experience focusing on public safety as a sales engineer and national sales manager. He designed citywide surveillance, LPR, gunshot detection, and thermal camera systems. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for the management and service of over 60 agencies nationwide. Mr. Barnett is a highly-decorated US Army 3rd Ranger BN, having received multiple recognitions for meritorious service in combat zones for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Neil Schlisserman

Chief Revenue Officer

Neil Schlisserman is Vetted Holdings Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for all revenue-related activities across Vetted’s portfolio companies.

Mr. Schlisserman joined Vetted after his role as the Executive Vice President of Vigilant Solutions, where he was responsible for leading the company’s growth to become the country’s largest provider of License Plate Recognition content and technologies.  Motorola Solutions acquired Vigilant for $445M in 2019, after which Mr. Schlisserman was requested to lead Vigilant’s International growth in LATAM, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

Prior to this, Mr. Schlisserman was a member of the global management team for Memex, a Scotland-based company that provided intelligence solutions for law enforcement.  Memex was acquired by the SAS Institute in 2010, where Mr. Schlisserman continued in the role of Vice President and General Manager for the Memex Solutions Team.

Mr. Schlisserman has also held a variety of leadership and executive roles at American Management Systems, Deloitte Consulting, and Sapient Corporation.

Kunal Motwani - Vetted Holdings

Kunal Motwani

Chief Technology Officer

Kunal Motwani has served in the FINDER Project since its 2002 inception when he was a software architect with the University of Central Florida (UCF). Mr. Motwani currently assumes overall management responsibility for all aspects of the application development and its development staff. Mr. Motwani ensures that his team follows best practices in process analysis, compliance, software design, development, and integration.

Mr. Motwani has earned both a Master’s in Computer Science and MBA from the University of Central Florida. He collaborates with companies in the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program and advises technology startups.

Ryan Bach


Ryan Bach joined the Vetted team as the Vice President of Sales with over eighteen years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of physical security and information technology systems prior to his current role as Chief of Staff. His vast experience in large-scale enterprise projects in commercial and government markets is fundamental to the Vetted Holdings portfolio.  

As Chief of Staff, Mr. Bach oversees strategic business initiatives from development to successful execution for Vetted Holdings, while his extensive experience in design, product development, sales, support, operations, and marketing provides the foundation for his creative solutions to unique business challenges.

Peter Nickelson


Peter Nickelson earned his ME at Southern Polytechnic State University (now Kennesaw State University), working his way through school as a mechanic on classic sportscars. He is a lifelong student of energy management issues and has always worked as both a strong theoretical engineer and an energetic, hands-on leader of contract teams in the field.

Peter’s prior career entailed the creation of unique up-armored transports for the United States Government along with the installation and servicing of video surveillance systems for various law enforcement agencies.

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